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Check out the latest insights on Dash and AI at work

Image features drawing of woman looking through binoculars with a background of leaves.

Introducing Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search

At Dropbox, we’ve long believed in AI’s potential to completely transform knowledge work…

Image features man holding a pencil upright while standing in front of a table covered in tools.

Tomorrow Lab makes the products of the future today

The SymplBrush looks like a product that shouldn’t exist—an oddly shaped electric toothbrush…

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How three organizations are using AI to level up their work

It’s not an understatement to say AI has taken the world by storm. More than one million people…

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Introducing new tools for the next generation of knowledge work

Dropbox Dash is now in open beta, plus AI enhancements, a redesigned web experience…

Image features a sketch of a person sitting at a table with a laptop open in front of them with a cup of coffee and a plant alongside, while abstract drawings of people and objects in a patchwork pattern emerge from the laptop.

How will virtual meetings evolve in the age of AI?

In our new Working Smarter series, we hear from AI experts about how…

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Study: Here’s how many hours we lose to distraction—and how to get our focus back

Is there anything more elusive than trying to find focus at work? Messages and meetings compete…

Search everything with one tool.

Currently in beta and available in English only.