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Dropbox Paper Templates

Meeting notes template

Meeting notes

Get your team on the same page. Keep everything related to your meetings in one place—background docs, agenda, minutes, next steps, and task assignments.

Launch plan template

Launch plan

Stay on top of important tasks and deadlines. Coordinate cross-functional teams by setting milestones, assigning to-dos, and managing approvals where everyone can find them.

Brainstorming template


Bring all your team’s ideas and visuals together. Collect inspiration from apps like Pinterest and YouTube, exchange ideas in real time, and get feedback.

Creative brief template

Creative brief

No more scattered files and endless email threads with clients. Capture project information, share deliverables, and collect targeted feedback in one shared doc.

Product spec template

Product spec

Create a central source of truth for your team. Gather requirements, add code snippets and designs, and get input from stakeholders.

Project plan template

Project plan

Organize and track work from start to finish. Help your team stay updated on who’s doing what and when with timelines, to-do lists, and task assignments.

Account plan template

Account plan

Easily build account plans for every deal you work. Bring together critical information about your customer, competitors, and sales strategy that you can access on the go.

New hire onboarding template

New hire onboarding

Ramp up new hires quickly. Centralize information to help new employees get started, link key resources, and create a checklist of to-dos for their first few days.

School project plan template

School project plan

Collaborate on group projects in a single doc. Co-edit in real time, give feedback with comments, and stay on top of deadlines with timelines and to-dos.

Wiki template

Wiki plan

Give everyone access to the info they need. Organize key data, link important docs together, and drop files into a centralized doc that teams can edit and access.

Social media plan template

Social media plan

See campaign plans, progress, and reporting in one place. Draft content, collect edits and feedback, and share campaign results with embedded social posts.

User research report template

User research report

Turn user insights into team action items. Link prototypes, synthesize key findings with next steps, and share with stakeholders so everyone can see.

Video production plan template

Video production plan

Stay organized and on track from pre- to post-production. Keep everything your team needs in one place—scripts, music, video, timelines, and budgets.

Knowledge base template

Knowledge base

Find answers quickly. Create a repository of how-to articles and troubleshooting information so everyone can easily search for and access what they need.

Brand guidelines template

Brand guidelines

Keep your team up to date with easily accessible style guides. Craft guidelines that help everyone create written and visual materials that are on message.

Bug tracker template

Bug tracker

Give your team a single view of all bugs. Create a shared bug tracker to capture, prioritize, assign, and resolve bugs and issues.

Content calendar template

Content calendar

Keep an overview of all content. Streamline your content strategy by building a calendar, drafting upcoming posts, and tracking progress in Paper.

Emergency and Continuity Plan template

Emergency and Continuity Plan

Document crucial information and specific actions to take in the event of an emergency to protect your team, property, and processes.

Emergency Incident Action Plan template

Emergency Incident Action Plan

Be ready to tackle a variety of circumstances by creating detailed plans that support your organization’s overall Emergency and Continuity Plan.

Hiring doc template

Hiring doc

Coordinate hiring activities and stakeholders in one place. Consolidate candidate data, manage interview schedules, and co-edit interview questions.

Product roadmap template

Product roadmap

Align on where the product is headed. Centralize your roadmap and company goals to give everyone a sense of how things are moving along.

Sales call notes template

Sales call notes

Track key details from your customer calls. Outline agenda topics, jot down notes, and capture related action items to keep you and your team accountable.

Team checklist template

Team checklist

Stay on top of what team members are doing. Manage team to-dos with task assignments, due dates, and reminder notifications.

Make your own template

Make your own template

Dropbox Paper gives you the freedom to custom build your own templates. Start from scratch or turn any existing doc into a template.