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Dropbox’s AI Principles

Millions of customers trust Dropbox with their most important information. We take this responsibility seriously, and our AI principles ensure we meet our commitment to maintain customer trust today and in the years to come.

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Our AI Principles

Our commitment to our customers is to be worthy of their trust when using AI. We will:

Leverage AI to serve our customers

We will use AI when it helps us deliver better experiences for our customers. At no point, will we use it as a means to sell customer data.

Keep customers in control of their data

Customer trust and the privacy of their data are our foundation. We will not use customer data to train AI models without consent.

Be transparent about how we use AI

We are committed to transparency with our customers. We will provide clear explanations of how our AI experiences work so that our customers understand how these technologies can benefit them.

Champion fairness in AI technology

We are committed to inclusiveness, non-discrimination, and fairness. We will strive to limit bias in our AI technologies, and ensure that they are reliable and robust.

Be accountable to our customers

We will continuously seek feedback from our customers about our AI-powered experiences, and ensure these experiences remain under human direction.

Respect people, their safety, and their rights

We will work to ensure that our AI innovations not only serve people, but also respect their rights and their safety.

Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and handle personal data when visitors use our websites, software, and services.

Our Trust Center

Protecting your content is our greatest responsibility, and we built the Trust Center to build your confidence in what we can do together.