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Simple, secure file transfer

Make file transfers up to 250 GB with Dropbox Transfer

A user adding a password and expiration date to a shared file via Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox Transfer: Deliver files hassle-free

Securely transferring a large file or collection of files in real time—for example, a design project or set of high-resolution photos—is simple with Dropbox Transfer. Easily drag and drop files without uploading them to the cloud, worrying about storage space, permissions, or managing file access.

Deliver any large file quickly

Deliver up to 250 GB of files to anyone—even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. You can easily make large file transfers by sending an email or copying a download link to share with recipients.

Guarantee files get delivered

Confirm delivery of your file transfers with download notifications, control access with password protection, and set expiration dates for shared links to encourage immediate downloads.

Make a lasting impression

Choose a background image or add your logo to customize your transfer download page. And, coming soon, you’ll be able to customize the links to add a personal touch to your file transfers.

Premium file transfer tool

Dropbox Transfer is a great way to share large files that you don’t need to collaborate on—or don’t want recipients to edit. Send any file stored in your Dropbox account. Recipients don’t need an account to receive files you transfer. You can even get delivery notifications and see exactly how many times a file is downloaded.

A list of files in Dropbox Transfer, each with a view and download counts.
Deliver large files with Dropbox Transfer

Want to send a file? Transfer is available to all Dropbox users—even Basic subscribers with a free plan. The file size you’re allowed depends on the plan you have.

  • Dropbox Basic: Transfer files up to 100 MB for free
  • Dropbox Plus and Standard: Send files up to 2 GB
  • Dropbox Professional and Advanced: Transfer files or collections of files up to 100 GB
  • Creative Tools Add-On: Combine with your Dropbox Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, or Education account for file transfers up to 250 GB
A message that a Dropbox Transfer is ready above a completed progress bar and a mouse hovering above a send button.
Collaborate easily—even with big files

Making a documentary or co-creating something big? Dropbox Replay's frame-accurate commenting simplifies creative reviews, avoids endless email threads, and enables others to jump to the exact frame you're referring to. Tag team members, clients, and vendors to notify them of your comments to keep projects moving.

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Deliver large files to anyone

Frequently asked questions

Once you create a Transfer, your recipients can download it immediately. Your speedy file transfer will give you a link or email that you can send to anyone to collect the file transfer.

You can password-protect file transfers, so whoever you sent the transfer must enter a password to collect their files. When you create your file transfer in Dropbox Transfer, you’ll have the option to add, edit, or remove a password before you complete the process.

By default, transfers automatically expire after 7 days. It is possible to set a longer expiration date—Dropbox Professional and Advanced users can set an expiration date of up to 90 days, with the ability to extend that up to one year while the link is still “live”. Expired transfers are only visible to the sender, and are no longer accessible to anyone with the link.

No, to share files using Dropbox Transfer you need to have a Dropbox account. Any Dropbox user—even people with our free Dropbox Basic plan—can create file transfers. The recipient of the file transfer doesn’t need a Dropbox account to receive their files.

Yes, you can send file transfers for free with Dropbox Transfer. Any Dropbox user can make file transfers, but the file size limit will depend on your plan. Recipients don’t need a Dropbox account to get their files.

File transfers drive efficient collaboration

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Strategy equals efficiency

Too many systems, too little time. Discover how creating a collaboration strategy can help drive efficiency.

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Sharing is caring

Never worry about crossed wires and missed files again! Dropbox offers more action and less distraction.

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Learn with the experts

Improving collaboration and plugging the productivity gap are key to driving efficiency, learn how to convert friction to flow.

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