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Video feedback tool

Supercharge your video feedback process with Dropbox Replay

Say goodbye to never-ending email chains and version control chaos—there’s a better way to gather and action feedback on your video projects.

Get your projects signed off in record time with Dropbox Replay, a purpose-built video feedback tool that makes life easier for creative teams.

A visual representation of the time stamp-specific comment capabilities of Dropbox Replay, a video feedback tool.
Gather your video reviewers in one place

Simplify video review and control access to your edits:

  • Link sharing—no need to send large files, share a link or email to a central version of your latest edit and compile all of your feedback in one place.
  • Control access and permissions—manage access permissions and ensure that only the necessary people can view and give feedback on your video.
  • Live review—create a virtual viewing room and watch your video simultaneously with other collaborators. See markups and comments in real time.
A visual representation of the live review feature in Dropbox Replay, a video feedback tool.
Gather feedback
Get clear, actionable feedback

Gather frame-accurate feedback in a single, collaborative space.

Stimulate discussion between reviewers, rather than receiving conflicting comments in silos, and organize feedback by key themes.

  • Comment on a time stamp—make a comment on a specific time stamp of a video or audio file
  • Comment on a time range—make a comment on a time range in video or audio files
  • Pin and label comments—pin comments as bookmarks for quick access, and add pre-populated or custom labels to the pinned comments
  • Filter comments—filter comments by commenter name or label, making your life easier when it’s time to implement feedback
A visual representation of the time range-specific comment capabilities of Dropbox Replay, a video feedback tool.
Resolve feedback and get your edits signed off in record time

Gathering feedback is only half the battle.

Replay makes it easy to seamlessly implement changes and get them approved in as few steps as possible.

  • Workflow integration—Replay works hand in hand with your favorite editing apps, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. This means you can pull or push files directly in and out of editing tools, without needing to export anything.
  • Version control—submit your latest edits to the same Replay project, making it easy for reviewers to sign off on changes.
A visual representation of the version control capabilities of Dropbox Replay, a video feedback tool.

How Dropbox Replay simplifies your feedback process

An illustration of a person with multiple devices looking reassured.

Stay organized

With editing app integration, feedback tools, version control, and approvals, Replay creates a complete workflow for your project in a single tool.

An illustration of a person holding a laptop and houseplant while standing on a balance board, representing the challenges of multitasking.

Edit more, chase less

By creating a single central space for feedback, Replay helps to cut down on unnecessary rounds of review and inevitable miscommunications.

An illustration of a group of people collaborating at a table.

Make feedback accessible

Replay ensures feedback is visible to the entire team, enabling you to stimulate discussion and reduce conflicting comments.

Frequently asked questions

A video feedback tool is a platform that enables creative teams to collect comments and opinions on a work-in-progress video project.

The benefit of a video feedback tool lies in its ability to streamline an otherwise challenging workflow, often involving multiple channels of feedback in silos. With a video review platform, creative teams can provide a single space for reviewers to give their opinions—avoiding the need to juggle multiple email threads.

Common challenges faced by creative teams working on video projects, particularly when trying to gather feedback, include:

  • Staying organized: When dealing with multiple file versions—spread across team members, reviewers, devices, folders, and beyond—it’s easy to see how a project can quickly go off track.
  • Time-consuming and unclear feedback: Imprecise, unclear feedback across multiple channels creates an unnecessary admin task that most editors would prefer to avoid.
  • Conflicting feedback: Everybody has an opinion, and sometimes those opinions clash. When working with multiple reviewers in parallel silos, conflicting edit requests will inevitably arise at some stage.

Traditionally, the solution to these challenges would be to attempt to bring everyone together—meaning a lot of unnecessary admin for creative teams. Video feedback tools like Dropbox Replay provide a modern, efficient solution that gathers the entire feedback workflow in one place.

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