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File organization systems for simplified, stress-free workflows

Struggling to keep track of all your content? Dropbox helps you easily organize your digital life. So you can spend less time tracking down files and more time getting work done.

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Keep team files organized in one place

Spend less time tracking down content and managing your files, and more time getting work done. With Dropbox, all of your content is accessible in one central, structured location. Think of it as your online filing cabinet—without the paper clutter. You set the folder structure and organization system, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Collaborating on a project? Dropbox lets you share files and folders with others — and you decide if they can view or edit them. Everyone you invite can view and access the folders, subfolders and files from their Dropbox account, so it's easy for them to find what they need.

Group folders create a simpler, more useful filing system for designated team members. Invite groups to shared folders so all members have instant access to the latest versions of files inside.

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Establish folder hierarchy

A Dropbox folder hierarchy allows you to create a simple filing system—helping your team access and view files in a more organized way. Choose how you want to structure folders and subfolders so everyone on your team knows where to store files and how to find them.

A straightforward, cloud-based file organization system means less time wasted on tech support for your team, and more time getting stuff done.

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Collaborate easily and safely

The days of sharing multiple versions of files as email attachments are over. With Dropbox, file changes are automatically synced to anyone who shares the file, making collaboration simple.

Plus, you'll get notified whenever someone views, edits, deletes, or moves files between folders so you can follow up fast. And rather than sending feedback back and forth over email, you can annotate shared files to exchange comments with your team directly.

Have a few files to share with teammates but want to keep the rest of the folder private? No problem. Secure your most important documents with granular folder permissions. Share a specific file with anyone while also preventing them access to the folder or folder structure it lives in.

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Frequently asked questions

A folder hierarchy is a structure that you create for the folders on your hard drive, server, or in your Dropbox account. It helps you organize your content in such a way that you can quickly and easily locate the files you’re looking for.

In a folder hierarchy, you create a series of subfolders nested within a main folder. As your system expands, you can break them down into further subfolders, creating a more efficient digital filing system. By giving all your files a designated home, you can make sure it's as easy as possible to find whatever you need, when you need it.

Organizing files and folders with Dropbox is easy. First, you'll need to set up a folder structure based on how your teams generally work. Do team members work together or on their own? Will files be owned by individuals or multiple contributors?

From there, create a naming convention for your files and folders. This ensures files are organized in a consistent manner across your team. Finally, set up groups so you can simplify how content is shared among your team members. This way, team members can quickly access the files they need without having to search through the entire folder structure. Use our organization tips to create a structured team space in Dropbox.

Yes, our selective sync feature makes this possible. Selective sync allows you to remove Dropbox files or folders from a Windows or Mac device without deleting them from your Dropbox account.

Typically, Dropbox will sync any file changes across all devices and With selective sync, you can free up space by selecting folders to keep off your computer while those same folders remain in your account.

File organization boosts productivity

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