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One organized and secure place to get work done quickly

With Dropbox, engineering and design teams can store, send, and share large design files and test data, manage complex review processes, and collaborate with teams, customers, and partners from anywhere.

Man tinkers on hardware for manufacturing

A single source of truth for manufacturers

Keep everyone—customers, vendors, suppliers, and channel partners—up-to-date, organized and meeting deadlines.

A folder

Keep large design and engineering projects organized and on track

Store all your project files—from test data and design files to project specs—and admin files—like contracts, invoices, and training videos— all in one place. Dropbox will sync them across your devices, so everything is available, and everyone is working off the latest versions.

A locked lock

Protect IP and secure all your hard work

Back up all of your electronic documents with state-of-the-art encrypted storage and sharing. Then properly control and keep track of access with advanced permissions, enhanced version history, and ransomware detection features.

A pencil

Reduce time to market with eSignatures

Streamline critical agreements and go paperless with your contracts,  invoices, NDAs, and timesheets. Add legally binding eSignatures to your documents, create templated forms, and request signatures without ever leaving your Dropbox account.

Plug into your favorite tools

Easily integrate Dropbox with the tools you love, like Adobe, AutoCAD, G Suite, Miro, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Trello, and more. No more jumping from app to app.

Dropbox logo next to the Google Editors logo, the Microsoft Office logo, and the Slack logo

See what Dropbox can do for your manufacturing team

With secure storage, sharing, and collaboration tools, Dropbox will get you from pre-production to post-production faster.

Choose your billing cycle

For teams

$15 / user / month
  • 3+ users
  • 5 TB of storage for the team
  • Connect all the devices you need

  • Transfer files up to 50 GB

  • 180 days to restore deleted files

  • Set up admins

For companies

$24 / user / month
  • 3+ users
  • Connect all the devices you need

  • Transfer files up to 100 GB

  • 1 year to restore deleted files

  • Set up tiered admin roles

For large organizations

Contact sales for pricing
  • Customize number of users
  • Customize storage
  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Integrations with best-in-class security solutions

  • Live support from dedicated experts