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Dropbox Plus

Back up everything—with space to spare

Have one less thing to worry about. Get tools to help secure all your personal data, and 2,000 GB of encrypted cloud storage—only with Dropbox Plus.

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Your info is safer than ever

Dropbox Plus now includes a powerful password manager. And a new, PIN-protected file vault adds an extra layer of security to your most sensitive data.

The Dropbox password manager with the list of saved passwords for Dropbox, Slack, and Microsoft Office
Connect all your devices

Seamlessly sync content between all your devices—even across platforms. Install the Dropbox app on any phone, tablet, or computer to save and access all your files instantly.

The Dropbox file interface as viewed on a desktop and a mobile device
Disaster-proof your data

Now you can restore or recover anything in your Dropbox account for up to 30 days. That means all your photos, PDFs, and personal files are safe from unwanted edits, deletions, hackers, and viruses.

A user clicking on a blue button labeled “restore files”
Lost device? Don’t worry—your data’s safe

Misplaced phone? Stolen laptop? With Dropbox, your data is still safe and under your control. You can remotely wipe any device—or sync your files to a new one—in just a few clicks.

A user clicking on a blue button labeled “wipe device”

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Cloud storage

Keep all your files safe with powerful online cloud storage

Multiple files that are saved in the cloud

Save space

Free up disk space with safe and secure online storage

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Send large files

Send large files of any type to anybody, worry-free

Files backed up in the cloud

File backup

Backup your files and protect against data loss simply and securely