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Formswift: Protect your business with a release of liability waiver

Take the stress out of creating a release of liability form with our easy-to-use template. Help protect your business from potential legal claims by quickly customizing our template to suit your specific needs.

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What is a release of liability?

A release of liability, or “waiver of liability,” is a legally binding agreement between two parties.

It outlines the voluntary assumption of risk for a situation and releases one party from any legal claims or damages that may arise from a specific activity, event, or relationship.

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Why you should use a release of liability waiver

A waiver offers you legal protection

A release of liability is a legal document which can help protect individuals or organizations from legal claims or attorney fees.

It can help protect you from lawsuits related to accidents, personal injury, property damages, or losses that may occur during the specified activity or situation.

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It releases you—literally

Secondly, the liability agreement establishes a clear understanding and assumption of risks by the releasor and releasee. The potential for future legal disputes is minimized as a result.

It may also waive any causes of action the releaser may have had against the releasee.

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Plus, it serves as a record

Lastly, a release of liability waiver can help demonstrate that the participant willingly and voluntarily assumed any inherent risks associated with the activity.

This further supports the release of liability, helping prevent future claims, legal disputes, and legal action.

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Types of release of liability forms

There are various types of release of liability forms tailored to specific situations.

General release of liability form

​​Forms covering activities, events, personal property, and organizations' liability risks.

Activity-specific releases

Tailored waivers for specific activities, outlining associated risks and releasing liability.

Liability waiver form for sports

Releases for sports clubs, fitness centers, and recreational activities.

Rental property liability waivers

Help protect landlords from claims related to tenant accidents or damages.

Professional service liability waivers

Help shield consultants, contractors, and more from legal claims and clarify liability limitations.

What’s included in a release of liability waiver?

The release of liability form or waiver should provide a detailed description of the risks surrounding the particular activity or service provided.

This ensures participants are informed of the risks they are assuming before the activity takes place.

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The waiver also usually includes a release clause (often called 'hold harmless') that clearly states that the company will not carry the burden of liability in the case of harm.

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The participant then provides their signature and date, which signifies their full responsibility, consent, and understanding. The waiver will include a sentence similar to:

“By signing this document, I hereby acknowledge and indemnify any relevant parties from any risks, damages, or liability as outlined in the release of liability."

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Frequently asked questions

While a release of liability provides legal protection, it may not cover certain types of claims, such as those involving intentional misconduct or gross negligence.

you can easily create a waiver like this with our release of liability template. Simply follow the step-by-step process and you’ll have a release of liability waiver, ready to go.

Yes, you can customize a release of liability template to include specific provisions relevant to your situation, but it's crucial to seek legal advice if making significant modifications.

For example, a release of liability form can be adjusted to a photo release form by adding language that clarifies that the individual giving the release consents to their image or photo taken and distributed for any purpose.

The validity period may vary depending on the situation and applicable laws. We recommend including a time frame or specifying the duration of the release in the form

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