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Formswift: Customize your vehicle bill of sale with ease

Selling or buying a vehicle doesn't need to be a hassle. Our comprehensive vehicle bill of sale template ensures all necessary details are captured and document during the sale. So you're both protected with a clear record of the transaction.

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What is a vehicle bill of sale?

A vehicle bill of sale documents the sale of a motor vehicle between a buyer and seller to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

A legal document, it captures important information about the vehicle. This includes make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and the purchase price.

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When and why you should use a vehicle bill of sale

Always use a vehicle bill of sale when you buy or sell a vehicle in a private sale—whether it's a car, motorcycle, boat, or any other motorized vehicle.

It protects the buyer and seller by establishing a legal record of sale record of the sale, mitigating disputes, and acting as a transfer of ownership.

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Types of vehicle bill of sale forms

There are different types of vehicle bills of sale to accommodate various scenarios.

A versatile document suitable for various vehicle types, capturing essential transaction details.

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Specifically designed for car sales, including important specific automobile information like the vehicle's registration number, model, and  valid vehicle identification number (VIN).

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Tailored for motorcycle transactions, capturing relevant motorcycle details.

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Essential for buying or selling boats to document specific watercraft information.

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Customized templates for trailers, RVs, snowmobiles, and off-road vehicles.

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What is included in a vehicle bill of sale?

A comprehensive vehicle bill of sale includes pertinent information about

  • the buyer and seller
  • vehicle details
  • sale price
  • payment terms
  • any warranties or guarantees

It should also clearly state that the goods are 'sold as seen'. This ensures there are no future arguments over the condition of the goods.

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How to create and fill out a vehicle bill of sale document

In this section, we gather the necessary details of both the buyer and seller.

Enter the date of sale, followed by the seller's name and complete address.

Then, provide the buyer's name and full address. Additionally, input the total price of the vehicle received by the seller.

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Fill in the specific details about the vehicle, including the make, model, year, odometer reading, body type, VIN (vehicle identification number), and the location of the sale.

Don't forget to indicate the payment method that will be exchanged for the vehicle.

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Enter the accurate odometer reading of the vehicle in the odometer disclosure statement.

This confirms that, to the seller's knowledge, the mileage displayed is correct, and that no unauthorized changes have been made to the odometer reading.

This section also allows the seller to specify if the vehicle is sold "As-Is" without warranties or if any warranties apply. If applicable, provide the terms of the limited warranty.

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Declare the date when the vehicle transfer process begins. It must include both the seller’s signature and the buyer’s signature, along with the date to complete the agreement and acknowledge their consent.

If your state requires a witness to attest to the execution of this agreement, provide the following information about your witness:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Date
  • Witness's signature

Once the bill of sale is complete, the certificate of title goes to the new owner. The next steps are to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to pay sales tax and do the title transfer.

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Frequently asked questions

In most cases, dealerships provide their own bill of sale. However, it's advisable to review the document to ensure it includes all the necessary information.

Absolutely. You can easily create your own vehicle bill of sale using our vehicle bill of sale template. Just ensure it covers all the essential details required by your state's laws.

Yes, a vehicle bill of a sale is a legal document that helps safeguard the rights and interests of both the buyer and seller. 

Remember to sign the document and keep a copy for future reference.

Notarization requirements vary by state. Consult your state's laws to determine whether notarization is necessary for your vehicle bill of sale.

Create a Vehicle Bill of Sale by State

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