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Video transcription

Automatically transcribe video recordings to text with Dropbox Capture

Save time and communicate clearly. Dropbox Capture automatically transcribes audio from screen recordings, which can be easily shared and viewed simply by copying a link.

A visual representation of automatic audio transcription and closed captions in Dropbox Capture.
Record your screen and automatically transcribe audio from your microphone

Dropbox Capture is purpose-built to save time and help communicate key points with clarity.

Ensure nothing gets missed, by automatically transcribing your video voiceovers to text:

  • Record your screen, a voiceover from your microphone, and—for the personal touch—video of yourself from your webcam simultaneously, at the click of a button
  • Video transcriptions are then immediately and automatically processed, as soon as you’ve finished recording
A visual representation of the Dropbox Capture desktop app, demonstrating how to record your screen and video from your camera simultaneously.
Sharing your transcribed recording is as simple as copying a link

Dropbox Capture makes it easy to share your recording in seconds and stay connected with your recipients:

  • Sharing and access permissions via link—control who can access your files, even people without a Dropbox account
  • Viewer analytics and notifications—get notified as soon as your recording is viewed
  • Commenting on recordings—when enabled, viewers can leave direct feedback on your videos
A visual representation of the process for sharing screen recordings in Dropbox Capture by copying a link.
Provide a variety of ways to engage while watching

Transcribed videos provide entire new ways for your viewers to watch, navigate, and interact with your content:

  • Closed captions—viewers can enable closed captions while watching your clip, to be certain they take everything onboard
  • Video transcripts—a complete transcript of the video audio can be a useful reference when reviewing the key points
  • Skip to video section from transcript—viewers can use your transcript to navigate to important parts of the clip, no manual scrubbing through the video required!
A visual representation of the video playback experience in Dropbox Capture, with timed comments and reactions from Dropbox users.

How does transcribing video enable clear communication?

An illustration of a person working from home.

Make yourself heard

Bring focus and clarity to your message without needing a meeting. Transcribe your videos to text to emphasize your key points, while collaborating with others asynchronously, on their own time.

An illustration of a person recording a video voiceover while sat at a computer.

Retain context and tone

Silent videos are easily misunderstood. Adding your voiceover to recordings provides crucial context and preserves your original intent, with auto-transcription making things easier to follow.

An illustration of a person sat on a sofa with multiple devices looking reassured.

Reclaim your time

Save yourself from writing another lengthy email. Say more in less time—instantly edit, share, and access your recordings with full automatic transcription, all in one place and from any device.

Frequently asked questions

Video transcription is the process of creating a text copy of the audio of a video. This will typically include any dialogue in the video, such as a voiceover or any conversation captured in the video.

The transcription process produces a transcript, which is simply the text document summarizing the video’s dialogue.

Video transcripts can be helpful to those with hearing accessibility needs. It can also be a useful reference that can be quickly skimmed, without the need to manually search through a video for a specific section of dialogue.

Dropbox Capture automatically transcribes the audio from your screen recordings, meaning you don’t need to do anything beyond recording a voiceover while creating your recording.

Once you finish recording, Dropbox will start processing the transcription as soon as the file is visible on your Dropbox Capture feed of recordings. Depending on the length of your recording, it may take a few minutes for the transcription to finish processing.

In addition to creating GIFs from screen recordings, Dropbox Capture has a number of other capabilities:

  • Record yourself with your webcam, in addition to your screen.
  • Record a voiceover with your microphone.
  • Transcribe your recorded videos, with automatically-generated closed captions and transcripts.
  • Playback your recorded clips in 4K.
  • Share your recordings directly from Dropbox Capture and get notified when the clip is viewed.
  • Control who can access your clips, with video-specific sharing settings.
  • Viewers can leave time-specific comments on your clips, as well as emoji reactions.
  • Creating content for different audiences or purposes? Add clips to collections to curate related sets of recordings and share them together.

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