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Dropbox Passwords

Share your password and credit card information securely

Say goodbye to hand-written notes and risky, unsecure text messages.

Dropbox Passwords makes it easy to securely share and monitor access to logins, passwords, and credit and debit card details.

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Secure sharing
Simple, secure password and card detail sharing

There’s no need to resort to reading card details out loud, passing hand-written notes, or risk sending them via a messaging app.

Dropbox Passwords provides an easy-to-use, secure solution for sharing passwords, logins, and card details with others.

Securely share any stored password—or credit and debit card information—with anyone in just a few clicks, without even leaving your seat.

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Account control
You’re always in control of any shared details

With Dropbox Passwords, you can monitor and manage who has access to all passwords, logins, and card details shared.

Account and sharing controls give you the freedom to unshare at any moment. Dropbox Passwords enables you to share passwords and payment information in confidence—without risking feeling exposed, or vulnerable.

An illustration of a house with a lock symbol on it, representing secure account and sharing controls in Dropbox Passwords.
Automatic updates
Update once, update everywhere

Password management can often feel like a chore, particularly when your approach relies on manually updating credentials across various platforms.

With Dropbox Passwords, shared users always have the latest password and card payment details ready to autofill on their web browser and mobile app.

Simply update your credentials in Passwords, and any users granted access to those details will be able to copy the latest version.

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How to keep your passwords and payment details safe

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Use unique, complex passwords

The less predictable your password is, the harder it will be to crack. Dropbox Passwords suggests and stores a complex password for you, so you don’t need to spend time thinking one up, or remembering it.

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Use a password manager

The downside to having a unique, complex password for every platform is that it quickly becomes difficult to remember. Avoid creating a paper trail and save yourself the hassle, with a password manager.

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Share your information securely

In situations where you need to share your password or card details, do it the smart way—use a password manager to benefit from handy features, like automatic updates and advanced sharing controls.

Frequently asked questions

With Dropbox Passwords, you can securely share payment card details with other Dropbox Passwords users who have verified their Dropbox account.

Learn how to share credit card info safely with Dropbox Passwords.

Sharing your credit card information can be risky when not done safely.

Avoid sharing credit card details over email and text messages, or by giving people written notes.

Where possible, use a secure payment details manager like Dropbox Passwords to share your details, as you can keep an eye on who has access and revoke it at any time.

To share your password with Dropbox Passwords, you simply need to click Share next to the password and provide the email address of the user you would like to share with. The user will need to have verified the email address associated with their Dropbox account.

Learn how to share passwords securely with Dropbox Passwords.

If you need to unshare a password in Dropbox Passwords, it can be done in just a few clicks.

Simply click the Share button next to the password to open the share settings, open the list of who can access, and select which account you would like to remove.

Learn how to unshare passwords securely with Dropbox Passwords.

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