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4K screen recorder

Record in the highest quality with a 4K screen recorder

There’s no need to compromise on quality when recording your screen.

Dropbox Capture records in up to 4K quality, with 4K playback, sharing, and exporting of your clips, too.

An animated GIF demonstrating how to use Dropbox Capture to record your screen in 4K.
Record your screen in 4K

Dropbox Capture enables you to record your screen in 4K, 1080p, and 720p quality in a variety of ways:

  • Record your full screen
  • Record a specific area of your screen
  • Record an individual app window

With handy custom shortcuts, you can skip the menu diving and get straight to recording.

A visual representation of the Dropbox Capture interface, demonstrating how to record your screen.

How to record your screen in 4K with Dropbox Capture

1. Open Dropbox Capture

2. Select recording quality

Select 4K from the Video quality dropdown in the Preferences menu.

3. Hit record

Hit the red record button to record your screen, a selected area, or an app window.

Add finishing touches to your 4K screen recording

While recording, you can annotate with freehand drawing that automatically fades over time—perfect for emphasizing key points.

Once your recording is finished, it’s easy to trim your 4K video into shorter clips with Dropbox Capture’s built-in editing tools.

A visual representation of the Dropbox Capture interface, demonstrating how to annotate your recording with the drawing tool.
Share and view
Share your 4K video in one click—no download required

Sharing your finished 4K screen recording is as simple as copying a link.

Recipients can benefit from a number of helpful features, including:

  • 4K playback
  • Closed captions and video transcription
  • Time-accurate commenting and emoji reactions
A visual representation of the Dropbox Capture interface, demonstrating how to share your screen recording with a link.

Frequently asked questions

A 4K video is a video with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.

This is double the width and height of Full HD (FHD) resolution, often referred to as 1080p, which has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

An image’s resolution refers to the concentration of pixels, which can be thought of as individual dots of color in that image. So, the higher the resolution, the greater the density of dots making up the picture. This means that more dots will be used for each section of the image, resulting in a clearer result. On the other hand, an image or video with fewer pixels will look blurry in comparison, as it will not be able to capture the same detail.

There are many ways in which screen recordings can help in daily life, including:

  • Show, rather than tell: Create demonstrations and video tutorials for complex processes
  • Visualize your message: Make a point succinctly, without needing to write a lengthy email
  • Asynchronous communication: Skip unnecessary meetings and send coworkers a short screen recording instead

Dropbox Capture allows you to record for as long as your storage allows.

When using a free account, this means up to 2 hours of recording time—whether a single video or multiple, shorter clips.

With paid Dropbox plans, you can keep recording until your storage is full.

In addition to recording your screen in 4K, there are many ways in which Dropbox Capture can help you to save time and communicate clearly:

  • Record yourself with your webcam, in addition to your screen.
  • Record a voiceover with your microphone.
  • Transcribe your recorded videos, with automatically-generated closed captions and transcripts.
  • Share your recordings directly from Dropbox Capture and get notified when the clip is viewed.
  • Control who can access your clips, with video-specific sharing settings.
  • Viewers can leave time-specific comments on your clips, as well as emoji reactions.
  • Creating content for different audiences or purposes? Add clips to collections to curate related sets of recordings and share them together.

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